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Our Sierra History

Established in 1921, Parchers Resort is a lot more than a mountain resort, it's a landmark. W.C. and Marie Louise Parcher's vision is responsible for creating one of the best jumping off points for Sierra recreation in the whole of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. For a comprehensive history of the resort from its inception through 1984 as recorded in an article by Marty Forstenzer published in Sierra Life Magazine, click here. Although some things have changed over the years, the classic Sierra experience in the majestic setting of the Bishop Creek Canyon has changed little in the 85 years Parchers has been providing lodging and recreational services to families and friends.

      Below is a small collection of classic Parchers photos that the current ownership, the Smith Family, has compiled during our first two seasons. Many of the photos were shared with us by previous guests or previous owners of the resort. We love to hear stories of summers past and see pictures of how things looked once upon a time so if you have any Parchers memories you'd like to share with us, please contact us via email at or by US mail at 5001 South Lake Rd, Bishop CA 93514.

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