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Horseback Riding

One of the most popular activities for Parchers Resort guests is Horseback riding. With pack trails all over the area there are many scenic destinations from which to choose. Our friends and neighbors at Rainbow Pack Outfitters offer a variety of trips from short half-hour trail rides to all-day fishing trips into the backcountry and even overnight drop trips deep in the wilderness. Whether you're looking for a fun family activity, entertainment for a large group or just an afternoon in the wilderness with a few friends, Rainbow Pack Outfitters has you covered. For more information on trail rides and other outfitter services check out the Rainbow Pack website at!

Fun Facts about Pack Trains & the Bishop Creek Canyon

Some folks may not realize this but virtually all of the hiking trails in the Bishop Creek Drainage were blazed by packers using mules or horses.

Do you know how trout were introduced to the higher elevation backcountry lakes? In many cases trout fry were carried in milk jugs and transported by pack animals!


Pack stock allow us to enjoy the splendor of our National Forests regardless of age or disability. We feel strongly that all Americans are entitled to visit our wilderness areas and that it is through enjoyment of these incredible places that appreciation is born and conservation succeeds.

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