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Kayaking & Paddleboarding are quickly becoming one of the most popular activities in the Bishop Creek Canyon. Whether you plan to take a leisurely cruise around the lake or try your hand at Sierra style kayak fishing, South Lake and Lake Sabrina are ideal locations! Tandem Kayaks are available for rent by the day or by the hour at South Lake Landing. Call us today to make a reservation!

There is no better way to enjoy the incredible skyline, scenic beauty, and quiet serenity of the high country than to take a tour of South Lake on a kayak early on a summer morning when not even a breeze ripples the water and majestic peaks are mirrored on the surface of the lake.

South Lake Storm in fall
Tandem Kayaking South Lake

Fishing from a Kayak offers a level of stealth that simply can't be achieved with a regular motor boat. You can get in tight to creek inlets without a sound to get the drop on even the most wary wild trout!

Kayak Fishing
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