Fall Color Report

Bishop Creek Canyon Fall Color Report – Round One!!
Photos & Report Updated 10-3-2020

Better late than never right folks? The flood gates were finally opened this morning with the reopening of Inyo National Forest to day use so come on down!!! We’ve had to keep the fall color reports on the down low with the closures but it’s game on folks. We have cabins open, boats & kayaks available for a scenic putt around the lake and the views are out of this world. We also have a fancy newly paved road so come up and enjoy it all. Now is the time.

We have extended our season through October 24th and our cabins are open now so if you haven’t already made your reservation, do so online via our website www.ParchersResort.net or give our office a call at 760-873-4177.

Bishop Creek Canyon Overall Color Above 8500ft Elevation – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
On both sides of the canyon there is spectacular color everywhere. With the great weather forecast we are hoping things hang tough for at least another week, possibly even longer. So long as we don’t get a hard freeze or a windstorm, things are shaping up for a spectacular October.

Overall Conditions Below 8500ft Elevation - Patchy (10% - 50%)
Still lots of color yet to develop down near Bishop Creek Lodge, Intake 2, Four Jeffries, Mist falls and several other destinations.

Sabrina Campground to Sabrina Dam (9000ft) - Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Lots of yellow, orange and red.


Willow Campground (9000ft) - Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Beautiful views from the road near Willow Camp, especially of the canyon wall above Parchers Resort & Rainbow Pack Outfit, but the trees along the road, which weather permitting will be gorgeous eventually, are mostly just light green.


North Lake (9255ft) - Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
It’s about as good as it gets at North Lake right now.


Weir Pond (9650ft) - Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
The scrub aspen on the hillside are a bit spent already but the aspen around the pond are in their full glory.


Parchers Resort (9260ft) - Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Full peak color is visible in every direction from the resort, Still green left to turn but it’s gorgeous right now.


Table Mountain Camp (8900ft) - Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
One of the more stunning groves which parallels South Lake Road, there is orange, yellow and red all over.


Surveyors Meadow (8975ft) - Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Impossible not to stop here, it’s one of my favorite places in the canyon.


Lake Sabrina (9150ft) – No Report

Mist Falls and the groves above Bishop Creek Lodge (8350ft) – Patchy – (10-50%)
Typically a late bloomer as far as fall color is concerned, this spot is about where we’d expect it given the conditions throughout the canyon. Look for this to be one of the best stops in mid October if the weather plays ball.


Aspendell (8400ft) - Just Starting – (0 - 10%)
Not much going on in this charming little village yet. There’s a single yellow tree just before the neighborhood begins, but by en large we’re still seeing a sea of green.


Groves near Cardinal Village (8550ft) -
The groves above the lodge are brilliant, as well as some of the aspen around Cardinal Pond and below Cardinal Pinnacle. Still plenty of green left to turn so this area should provide jaw-dropping views for another week or two yet if the weather stays like it is.

Our fall color reports are compiled weekly from mid September through mid October, time & weather permitting.

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