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Bishop Creek Hiking Guide

The Bishop Creek Canyon backcountry has one of the most expansive trail systems in all of the Eastern Sierra for those who enjoy day hiking. Five different trailheads, dozens upon dozens of pristine mountain lakes an streams, towering peaks, wildflowers, and magnificent vistas are available to hikers of all skill levels within a day's journey into the John Muir Wilderness

The Parchers Resort crew has compiled a handy guide for many of the popular hikes in the canyon, complete with pictures and descriptions to help you plan your next great hiking trip.

These guides are a helpful reference only and Parchers Resort, Smith Sierra Properties Inc., assumes no liability for anything that occurs on your hike. Be safe out there folks and have fun!

Please cick on the links below to see hiking details for each hike.


Bishop Pass Trail (South Lake)

The Bishop Pass Trailhead at South Lake Bishop, is the jumping off point for dozens of hikes in the canyon. One of the most scenic areas in the Sierra, this basin once known as the "Hidden Lakes of Bishop Creek" is not only an access point to reach the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, but also an area boasting more than a dozen side trails leading to spectacular views and destinations for the day hikers visiting the canyon.


Long Lake, Hurd Lake, Treasure Lakes, Chocolate Lakes, Chocolate Peak, Spearhead Lake, Ruwau Lake, Bishop Lake, Timberline Tarns, Inconsolable Lake, Bull Lake, Bishop Pass.


Sabrina Basin Trailhead

Although the Sabrina Basin contains primarily hikes in the intermediate to strenuous range, the bounty of nature and the incredible scenic beauty and variety is truly worth visiting. Towering granite peaks, crystal clear lakes, waterfalls, and tarns dominate the landscape.

Dingleberry Lake, Blue Lake, Donkey Lake

Green Creek Basin

While less expansive than the Sabrina Basin on the Middle Fork Bishop Creek, the Green Creek Basin offers some worthwhile hikes to gorgeous destinations. Especially known for gorgeous wildflowers and wild trout, this area is a favorite to visit and revisit for both locals and canyon visitors.

Brown Lake, Green Lake, Bluff Lake, Green Lake vis Pipeline

North Lake Trailhead


The North Lake trailhead is one of the more popular in the Bishop Creek Canyon. The trail begins at the North Lake campground and almost immediately forks into two separate sections - the Lamarck Lakes Trailhead and the Piute Pass trailhead. Both sections of trail provide gorgeous destinations that leave hikers amazed and inspired all summer long.

Grass Lake, Lower Lamarck Lake, Upper Lamarck Lake, Piute Lake

Tyee Lakes Trailhead


Located just a half mile down from Parchers Resort, the Tyee Lakes trailhead begins with a gorgeous wooden bridge crossing the South Fork of Bishop Creek. Far less traveled than the other trailheads in the canyon, one can visit pristine backcountry lakes and even do a through hike over to Lake Sabrina.

Tyee Lakes, Tyee Lakes to Lake Sabrina


You can download the full view Bishop Creek Canyon Topo Map .pdf file by clicking here

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