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Hiking & Backpacking

Parchers Resort is the jumping-off point for some of the most pristine and scenic hiking and backpacking in not only the Eastern Sierra, but in all of North America.  The Bishop Pass Trailhead at South Lake is an access trailhead for The John Muir Trail via Bishop Pass.  In addition, The John Muir Trail may be accessed via Piute Pass from North Lake which is only 10 miles from the resort.  The North Lake-South Lake loop is the famous "Rainbow Trail" and includes spectacular scenery visiting such areas as Dusy basin, Le Conte Canyon, Muir Pass, Evolution valley, and Humphrey’s Basin. Imagine having Yosemite Valley to yourself.  It will seem like it. 


There are also many day-hike trails close to Parchers Resort.  This includes trails to the Treasure Lakes, Green Lake, Tyee Lakes and Long Lake. If you widen your sphere to include hiking from nearby Lake Sabrina, then you have day hikes to Blue Lake, Emerald Lakes, Dingleberry Lake, and George Lake.  Five minutes from there is the North Lake trailhead which will take you to Grass Lake, Lamarck Lakes, Wonder Lakes, and Loch Leven. The possibilities of backcountry recreation are unlimited.Click here to visit our Hiking Guide page.

Below is a description of the local backcountry written in a 1930’s Parchers brochure.

 “The hidden lakes of the Bishop Creek basin have for many years been the retreat of mountain lovers and sportsmen who, in the seclusion of these unfrequented spots, find solace and contentment together with the rarest of sport. Within a few miles of Parchers Rainbow Camp are more than a score of these lakes, of which provide excellent trout fishing.  Some of these lakes are found in granite pockets above timberline, surrounded by rugged peaks of the Sierra crest line.  Others lie on pine-shaded benches.  All are reached by good trails”

 It's amazing that little has changed up here in the eighty or so years since those words were written.

Before your backpacking trip, stay at Parchers in one of our well equipped Hiker Cabins and have a hearty breakfast in the South Fork Cafe before hitting the trail.   After your hike come to Parchers and clean up and satisfy yourself with a shower and a slice of  pie.  Be prepared to share your tales with other hikers in the camp.

For information about trail conditions, call the Inyo National Forest at:

 White Mountain Ranger Station
760-873-2501 TDD
798 North Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514
Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30


Most of the backcountry areas are in the John Muir Wilderness and require a permit for overnight use.  For information on trail quotas and the obtaining of wilderness permits, see the following link. 


Wild Brook Trout
Echo Lake
Dusy Basin
Blue Lake
Bishop Pass
Long Lake Bishop Pass
Grouse Meadows
Le Conte Canyon
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